Foderà wine company has been handed down from father to son for six generation since 1849. Now the company is run passionately by its owner Dr. Antonino Foderà, who is dealing with various aspects, from production to marketing. He also managed the recent family wine company renovation, with particular consideration of the environment and old wine-making techniques.





Foderà wine company has a wide range of services to offer. For its wine-lover guests the company organizes wine-tours which include the presentation of wineyard cultivation and of wine-making techniques used for the production of Foderà wines, followed by Foderà wines and locally produced oil tasting, toghether with typical local dishes. By visiting Foderà company you will certainly enjoy the charm of old wine-making methods and of a collection of historical agricultural machines.





The distinctive techniques of grape cultivation, grape vinification and wine aging contribute to the peculiarity of Foderà wines: the green harvest, the harvesting in case at the correct maturation of the grapes, the softly grapes pressing, the wine aging in Allier oak barrels are only some of the features that determine the high quality of the Foderà wines.





bottThe bottling system started in 2001 with only 2.000 MERLOT bottles; as the MERLOT production kept increasing, new wine varieties have been introduced: the SYRAH and the native GRILLO. The company’s production lines have been progressively expanded by including, at the later stage, two dessert wines: the TARDIVO MERLOT and the TARDIVO GRILLO. Besides, an extra virgin oil (variety BIANCOLILLA), is produced thanks to the existing olive tree grove.



MERLOT            GRILLO            SYRAH          TARDIVO MERLOT           TARDIVO GRILLO